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My name is Erich, I am a movie addict, and I’d like to keep it that way. In some ways film is a drug to me. There are good trips and bad trips, but the majesty of the good ones makes up for the hellishness of the bad ones. Kids, don’t do drugs! This is not a glorification of drugs but of movies. So drop that blunt and pick up a BluRay–you’ll get a better high, but you’ll still get the popcorn munchies.

The height of my spiritual existence was watching the Blade Runner: Final Cut on BluRay, and the closest thing to hell I’ve ever experienced was watching the Shaggy Dog on a crowded airplane. I mean come on! We were trapped in there with that monster. I actually switched my headset to Spanish and it made the movie somewhat more entertaining, but it was still pretty awful. Who would green light that movie?

Ok. I got that out of my system. Anyway, back to me. Uh…I fancy myself a writer, but I’m kinda just making this up as I go along. There a lot of ideas bouncing around violently in my head, and they often enter my conscious uninvited, then burst through my pen (or keyboard) onto the page (or screen). I ramble. I also rave. I’ve been known to rant on occasion.

My best feature is my facial hair, which is an ever-changing canvas of furry awesomeness. My belly button is slightly off-centered. Wow. That’s really off topic. I’ll try not to do this in my blog posts. I guess all you really need to know is that I am an exceedingly wise, humble, and attractive person and I have impeccable taste in, well, everything. So listen to what I have to say.



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