Get ready for even more movie lists.

A recent study in The Imaginary (but Totally Credible) Scientific Journal of America shows that 96% of Americans like lists. The remaining 4% consists mostly of 1) members of ISIS, 2) Twilight fans and 3) people who can’t count (many people from group 2 also fall into group 3). So if you’re an upstanding citizen with a brain, chances are you like lists.

Iaf75071caf161ba9082060bb7146d9383ad94e50d5b73e2b70a0cb6e8378fe02 especially love movie lists. I love to write them, read them, and passionately argue about them (the comment sections at sites like IMDB and Empire can be brutal war zones). At night I even make movie lists in my head to help me fall asleep. Really weird ones too. Like the other night I tried to make a list of the best movies that feature giants or abnormally large people (obviously The Princess Bride was #1).

Anyway, it’s easy for me to think up lists and I figured I could do that for a while on this blog, since I haven’t been posting much lately. So I’m going back to my original intention of posting every day. Every week I will count down the top 7 of a movie category, posting one each day. Then the next week, I’ll start all over with a new topic, and so on and so forth. There may of course be some overlap in movies, and I may end up reviewing the same movie several times, but I will keep my reviews to the parameters of the list. tin-manFor example, I may include The Wizard of Oz  in a list about musicals, but also in a list of movies that are most likely to give your child nightmares. In the first review I would discuss the choreography and childish enthusiasm of the munchkins musical numbers. In the second I would talk more about the creepy makeup of the tin man, lion , and scarecrow (not to mention the frickin’ monkeys).

So that’s it. And like I said, I enjoy arguing about lists, so if you disagree with me please comment and we can sling hateful comments at each other. After all, passion for movies is acceptable in all forms, and I accept it gladly.


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