Movie Review–Dredd (2012)

I love Judge Dredd. It’s one of those movies that are just awesome to watch. You don’t even really care about plot holes, corny dialogue, or technical goofs. It’s just so damn cool. With its cheap costumes and overly saturated environment, the original Judge Dredd from 1995 was a little cheesier–almost a B-movie. But now in this age of incredible FX, that all melts away and allows the Dredd to really take over.

Karl Urban is much more believable in the title role than his predecessor Sly Stallone. While the latter does have the necessary tough guy mentality and look, the former has the aura of a true warrior. The supporting cast is pretty good too, with the always sexy Lena Headey playing the lead antagonist as drug lord Ma-Ma.

Dredd was directed by Peter Travis, a terribly talented filmmaker who helmed on of my favorite movie, Omagh, in 2004. His skill with character and mood is impressive. What’s more is that he made the film on a $35 million budget, a fifth the cost of most blockbuster action flicks. It didn’t win any Saturn Awards, but it should have. It did however win a Golden Trailer Award. So here you go. Enjoy this then go watch the full movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video.


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